BIZARRE OCCURRENCE: In at least four instances hospital and major medical providers have failed to bill my insurance. In the first instance, in a year I was slated to make $187K (2008), Beth Israel of New York City - Continuum Heath Partners, Inc. offset my $24K psychiatric stay to PATIENT ALLOWANCE apparently charing it off to some charity. My tax return for that year yielded me $60K in salary, plus unemployment compensation from a voluntary discharge post my revelation of the HEP diagnosis and being off all Bipolar and ADHD medication. In 2013, CPEP (Washington, DC) according to the above records, which their CRM system clearly has data containers for insurance and policy numbers, charged my $3,792.81 two-day stay to DC Department of Health and Rehabilitative Services. I was then transported to Psychiatric Institute of Washington, DC, a provider who apparently required patients to be on insurance to be admitted (or to satisfy certain bed-count restrictions on the number of indigent patients. My Medicare, Part B insurance should have been charged but no charge has ever appeared for the 7-day hospital stay (which must equate to similar $24K charges) and the ambulance transport from CPEP to Psychiatric Institute of Washington, DC.

Upon discharge bizarrely, after my thinking was the admit photo taken as a matter of procedure for patient identification must have looked like “shit”, Special Agent Van Alstine, of the INTEL Division, handed me said photograph stating I might want to have that. It was bizarre enough that two INTEL agents from the highest level of Federal Law Enforcement would actually fetch me from a psychiatric facility. They comprehensively wanted everything, in an assertive and authoritative demeanor ordering the psychiatrist to provide any and all information - even if she wrote it on a napkin. DO YOU HEAR ME? I WANT IT ALL. We then made a brief stop before leaving the facility with admissions.

Why would such a expensive charge not hit my insurance. They at CPEP took my insurance card? Three requests, two by Certified Mail, one by fax and one by email have gone unanswered in my attempts to communicate with P.I.W. and inquire on the payee, following the money trail. Why would INTEL agents be the responding division and not THREAT ASSESSMENT INVESTIGATION DIVISION Special Agents, i.e. Special Agent Lauren Vieth? This seems a way above and beyond action for any law enforcement agency. BTW > In all instances my alcohol and toxicology came back negative. REQUEST A CERTIFIED COPY OF MY MEDICAL RECORDS FOR PROOF OF STATEMENT.


IMPORTANT MEDICAL DISCLOSURE INFORMATION. READ BEFORE CLICKING ON LINK. Viewing my medical information is a privilage I bestow to those who are actively engaged in a lawful investigation OR those third-parties who have no ill-intent upon me to prove the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. Your IP address is being tracked and the US Capitol Police have made regular hits to domains, including They have full and complete access to all medical records - past, current, and future without limitiation. Should you be accessing this site with ill-intent you are strictly prohibited and may be liable for severe criminal and civil penelties. If you access these records you acknoweldge that you will not disemminate false facts or break any Federal, State or local law while in the possession (viewing) of such documents. You are obligated to report any breech or false dissemination of information to the US CAPITOL POLICE or your respective UNITED STATE ATTORNEY’s OFFICE. If you do not agree. DO NOT ACCESS THE MEDICAL RECORDS.

If access you will notice that NO CHARGES are present for CPEP and P.I.W., and my admission to Tufts Medical at the outset of the Boston Police 911 Suicide Call has me assigned to a medical / surgical floor, not PSYCH. While Bipolar and ADHD, along with the medical circumstances provided Psychiatric care, I was in fact not involuntarily held nor place in a locked psychiatric facility which would have been the norm for a normal 911 suicide attempt call.


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