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Most Recent Diagnostic Evaluation: P.I.W. - Washington, DC (02.14.2013)
Actively in on-going monthly exam by Pyschiatrist at Fenway Health and bi-monthly sessions
with Behavior Health at Fenway Health with M.S.W.

AXIS III - HEP C & HIV (belief intentionally infected by “Giftgiver”)
AXIS IV - Family Stressors (lack of any family support, abandoned)

Despite issues, defined as High Executive Functioning by Psychiatrist
in creative realm, advertising, creative technologies, law enforcement (as a police service organization
assisting in locating missing and runway children / persons) with FBI Commendation in 1990 by the
Director of the Federal Bureau of Investigations, William Sessions for my instrumental involvement in the successfully recovery of a 5-year old kidnap victim from Milford, MA and recovered in East Point, FL.
High salary across multiple employers hitting almost $200K


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Relevance / My Response to Notations:

Accountability / “How to Say No”: To which does she refer saying “No” to. Complete disregard for my belief of on-going character assassination for reasons of the late in life Bipolar and ADHD diagnosis, which ties to my M.G.L. (Massachusetts General Laws), Chapter 766 Special Needs being Learning Disabled from Grade 2 throughout the extent of my public school education.

If Psychiatrist are stating you don’t beat yourself up, nor be consumed with guilt. The diagnosis is a severe mental disability to which once you have the diagnosis you gradually learn to accept that an change previous behaviors. Handouts provided in group sessions illustrate care and coping mechanisms, along with a suggestive reading list  of books to educate yourself on your diagnosis.

Point: Family refusing to accept character assassination or “Fear for Life”, “Fear for Quality of Life” by Anti-Shaun perpetrators. Erin’s suggestive comments, Mark’s behavior and wrong explanation for US HOUSE OF Representatives hit on is because of ignorance and no skilled knowledge of Google Analytics, severs. Failure to discuss or explain suggestive comments would obviously make an over-analytical Bipolar person become self-consumed in trying to rationalize their behaviors. How is this in any way a supportive family?

Point: Photo of U-Haul when Retrieved Belongings at Alan Beck’s Warehouse: The picture was taken to show time frame as the U-HAUL contract by License Plate lookup will be facts which can be entered into evidence to validate such time frame. Alan’s gleeful demeanor in the picture is to illustrate the potential of his criminally duplicitous nature. My expressions are based on no concrete evidence that the voices are real, therefore maintaining my upbeat, often charismatic nature. By law enforcement standards, I believe a skilled detective or Special Agent would find this tactic impressive. When back in Chelmsford, I learned that my belongings had been gone through, and a significant number of things missing. Sapient forms, Denon CD mixer, personal papers. A email, authored by me to Alan,  in an immediate time frame questions where my belongings went, to which he never provided the whereabouts of such. Facebook in the side-by-side comparison I believe is concrete enough to support my initial suspicion. The fake Shaun profile pic, is probable but when combined with all the other photography it is compelling and I believe indisputable. Therefore my family was WRONG. See Facebook Comparisons.

Point: The past human bite inflicted by an ex-boyfriend judges me on hospital policies to which they ask “Have you ever been the victim of domestic violence”. The answer to that is indisputable YES. They hospital does not limit time frame in their triage, therefore me discussing it is because it is being asked repeatedly upon hospital care. Hospital policies and there exact verbiage of inquiry can be easily confirmed, one such ER is Beth Israel Deaconess in Boston, MA.

Point: Grandiose suggestion by Erin. A review of my wage earnings, FBI commendation and life events will prove that that my self-image and being proud of my accomplishments despite the life challenges of a severe mental disorder, lack of completing college, are valid accolades and I should not be ashamed or feel I have to suppress life accomplishments. I can just as verbose in conversation about my life challenges and negative parts of my personality. I bring up the Bipolar and ADHD for context, it will help people who may be judging me understand the drivers of my poor behaviors should they be caring of me as a person, but upset at how my behaviors impacted them. The “Self Induced Crystal Meth Crisis” revealed the much bigger issues A psychiatrist stated, “Pick better friends”, suggesting that those who are truly your friend will be in your corner in good times and in bad and be open to resolving past issues..

Point: The reality is correct, I do not trust my family cares about me or what is in my best interests. They are actually detrimental to my physical and mental health, often only involving themselves when disagreeing with my medical treatment, specifically prescribed medication. Despite a house with two open bedrooms, they fail to support me, and by there refusal to let me live at home it once again causes dependencies on non-family members. My belongings where in Alan’s warehouse because my mother refused to let me bring my stuff home from Dallas, and my sister (approx. 45 years old) has lived at home for 20 plus years and the basement has here entire apartments belongings subsequent to her divorce of a short-lived marriage. TO MAKE A STATEMENT that I should have found out about my Auntie Joan's passing on Facebook is ABSURD. Furthermore, my mother knows my philosophy on life and death and being thoughtful in most life and death's of family or friends of family by sending a Vermont Teddy Bear more often than not. I also actively supported the Matthew Sheppard foundation, most significantly with a Christmas “Erase Hate” wreath, which I bought two and one was given to a friend of the family. How, based on her note would I have found out about Rob Lawler’s passing? And, what was communicated to me was that I was not to go to my Uncle Larry’s wake or funeral.


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