Exhibits & Potential Evidence

Sacramento Superior Court | Ficticious Linking Criminal Recor

Index of Exhibits (from Intelligence Document), Partial Content. Warning For Law Enforcement Use Only.

Possible Motivants (For Law Enforcement Use Only. All persons are innocent until proven guilty in a court of law)

Bizzare FBI Press Release (Note Agents name mis-spelling) and Foot Fetish is a deviant sexual act? BTW> I have a sexual foot fetish.

BSH News Pornographic Unsolicited Emails (links to my old employer bsh,com for Bronner Slosberg Humphrey, now DIGITAS)).(SENT TO FBI FOR CRYPTOLOGY) and EMAIL ORIGIN.

Suspiciously timed, weird :out of character TEXT (MMS/SMS) Messages from Mark O’Donoghue and Alan Beck.

Facebook Cyber Attack of Person with my likeness with pictures of my Facebook friends showing their likeness. / 1 of 2

Facebook Cyber Attack of Person with my likeness with pictures of my Facebook friends showing their likeness. / 2 of 2

United States Postal Service | Material in Possession of the U.S. Senate / U.S. Capitol Police

Google Analytics of Government and Corporate Visitors to www.shaunod.us / www.shaunod.us/investigates

United States Capitol Police, Self-Incident Report of Initial Interaction with the U.S. Capitol Police | 4 October 2010

Shaun O’Donoghue Earnings | Payroll Records

U.S. Social Security Disability Determination, effective as of their rules as of 15 August 2008

United States Capitol Police Incident Reports (Requested, May be Classified, Request Pending)

United States Attorney, District of Massachusetts, Carmen M. Ortiz communication

Commonwealth of Massachusetts, Office of Attorney General, Assistant Attorney General, Mary A. Philips

Re-Direct Internet Traffic Traceroots to FBI & NSA, Suspicious Traceroot

Residency Factual and Fictitious

Family History Statement of Birth Weight, Bipolar Family History and Mass. Public School Learning Disability,

Shaun T. O’Donoghue, 2014 Re-Employment Campaign Relaunch (delayed due to medical situation)

Commercial Criminal Record Check, Shaun T. O’Donoghue (CORI and Commerical Criminal Record Check). DISCLOSURE REQUIRED.

Surveillance Technology, Law Enforcement, NSA, Defense Contractors

Pre-Employment Blood Screen, Blood Draw

Fenway Health Passport | Operator’s Manual

Wireless Phone of Shaun T. O’Donoghue, AT&T and Verizon Wireless

2011 Request for Quote, Legal Review with LegalZoom

Hep C Stunning Statistics = Average Age of Death in Massachusetts is 53 years of Age

Shaun O’Donoghue, Initial Self-Assessment, 2003 (Reverse Speed Effect). REQUEST VIA EMAIL.

Shaun O’Donoghue, Work Performance Review (Glowing Review)

U.S. Capitol Police, Continuum Communication, Intel Division, September 2013

U.S. Capitol Police, Threat Assessment Division, Suicide Risk (Erroneously Reported to U.S. Capitol Police)

Shaun O’Donoghue EEOC | O’Donoghue v. Sapient Corporation, Awarded “Right to Sue”

Comprehensive Server Logs of shaunod.us and shaunod.us/investigates

Family Abandonment | Pictorial of Family Members in 2006 and 2010 with Summary

New England Missing Persons Bureau (NEMPB), Shaun T. O’Donoghue, Press Clippings

New England Missing Persons Bureau - Media Coverage Reel One

New England Missing Person Bureau - Media Coverage Reel Two

New England Missing Persons Bureau - Media Coverage Reel Three

Evidence of Supporting Brother, Creation of his Resume / CV

Evidence of Supporting Brother, Minor Changes to FBI Gang Presentation in Powerpoint, 2010

Evidence of Cyber Crimes / Bias Intimidation from State of New Jersey v. Dharun Ravi (as example of multiple charges, Hate Crime))

U.S. Capitol Police, Special Agent Lauren Vieth, Special Agent in Charge, Online News Report

Teeth, Dental, Jaw Pain from Age 7 to Present with Childhood Pictures

Year to Year Pictures of Shaun O’Donoghue thru Approximately 2007 (Requires Quicktime

Ongoing Pro Bono to the Trisha Bennett Anti-Violence Project, Despite my Life Challenges

U.S. Capitol Police, Continuum Communication, Intel & Threat Assessment, Demonstrating iPhone GPS capability

Title 18 Record Keeping Compliance, Adult Entertainment

GrindrX, Gay Social Networking new report during London summer with Olympians using Gay Networking Site

Presidential Commission on the Study of Bioethics, dated July 27, 2011

FACT CHECK, Chelmsford Public School System, Chapter 766 Learning Disability, Grade 2 thru H.S. Graduation, 1986


FACT CHECK, Chelmsford Police Department, Chelmsford Brotherhood of Police Scholarship, 1986 (in Progress of Validating)

Smith Publicity, Exploratory communications on Bipolar / ADHD book concept (initial communication)

Shaun’s Life in Teaser Interactive Storyboard (Conceptual of the Project)

Letter Communciation to U.S. House of Representative Niki Tsongas

Legal Citations



Gay Lifestyle, Bipolar & ADHD

“The Shaun O’Donoghue Dilemma”


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