VICTIM’S STATEMENT. For the most part the above report is factual except I was transported by A908 Sgt Det Paul Donovan, A980 Sgt Michael Talbot,and PO Officer Acosta of the A101F car bear-hugged me and my hesitation was to go back and retrieve my “Intelligence Binder, formally called the “Response Document”. The unmarked cruiser was followed I believe by A901 Sgt David Flaherty the Patrol Supervisor in an unmarked cruiser to an awaiting Boston EMS (BLS) unit, which was accompanied by EMT Lt. Carlos Grau, Supervisor of Boston EMS in a SUPERVISOR marked non-transport emergency vehicle. After a brief search, restraints (handcuffs) where removed and I was transported to TUFTS UNIVERSITY MEDICAL CENTER (New England Medical Center). All officers, including the Sgt Det., the uniformed officers, the attending EMTs and the EMS supervisor where all present in the ER until the final determination was made - which was: The ER Psychiatrist refused to admit to PYSCH and placed me with a sitter on a medical floor after a comprehensive review of the binder, finding warranted concern in a cyber-bullying attack and the reality of the fictitious linking criminal history unknown to me until on about 2010, and which existed since on about 2006 forward. In my Bipolar mind I inadvertently took at Beth Israel Deaconess, the expedited ER admittance to a private room, the attending physician the Director of Emergency Medicine for the ER, and then placement in t the secluded ISOLATION room, with unknown reasons why the multiple IV’s were being administered. After a review of my medical record I had a condition known as PANCYTOPENIA which put my life at risk, therefore I was in isolation from others who could infect me with additional complications. The PANCYTOPENIA (final ER diagnosis) was never associated to any of my aliments by my other attending doctors. Upon look-up PANCYTROPENIA is 50% caused by elements (such as arsenic poisoning or some environmental cause  and 50% of the time the reason is unknown but could be related to other infectious diseases. My HEP C and HIV status would not explain the sudden change, and the ER doctor stated (to which I overheard) - that he was not taking any chances, he had seen someone die in four days. My symptoms of easy bleeding, inability to breath when exerting physical activity or even walking, caused me to insist that my roommate take me to the ER to which he he been objecting to. These symptoms were all present during my incident with the USCP, however I had been downplaying the severity to myself in the anxiety over trying to get the “Intelligence Binder” into the hands of a federal law enforcement agency that could not be short-stopped by any action of my brothers. My belief was my brother might have used his connection to the Boston Field Office to downplay any character attack by A.B., S.C. D.H, or others. Clearly my family had abandoned me without cause (opinion) and the comments by my siblings, parents, A.B. were highly suggestive of that lack of caring and in direct contradiction of the attitudes, beliefs and treatment being given to me by M.S.W. / L.I.C.W. and Pyschiatrist.

Bizarrely it is the overwhelming support of all police departments, with exception of Marlboro PD, to which includes but is not limited to: NYPD, NYFD, Boston PD, Boston Fire, USCP POLICE (uniformed and Special Agents), Massachusetts State Police, who have been the most compassionate in the end to my situation.

While the below report does not reveal the number of fire pieces of apparatus, I observed several engines and the RESCUE to which I believe were in the response to my incident. Also, upon obtaining the Boston Police Incident report the clerk stated, “Oh my God, I remember this call, how are you doing? Are you okay? You had tons of command officers heading out of headquarters to come to your aid.”. This brought me to tears. How could a Clerk, approximately 40,000 911 calls later (2 month elapsed) remember me and my situation? She brought hope through her compassion and I regret not getting her name as she is one of the unsung hero’s of the Boston Police Department. There was much radio squawk, so it may have been her attentiveness to suicide calls and the standard operating procedure around Boston PDs response. See letter communication to Boston Police Commissioner William B. Evans.

IMPORTANT MEDICAL DISCLOSURE INFORMATION. READ BEFORE CLICKING ON LINK. Viewing my medical information is a privilage I bestow to those who are actively engaged in a lawful investigation OR those third-parties who have no ill-intent upon me to prove the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. Your IP address is being tracked and the US Capitol Police have made regular hits to domains, including They have full and complete access to all medical records - past, current, and future without limitiation. Should you be accessing this site with ill-intent you are strictly prohibited and may be liable for severe criminal and civil penelties. If you access these records you acknoweldge that you will not disemminate false facts or break any Federal, State or local law while in the possession (viewing) of such documents. You are obligated to report any breech or false dissemination of information to the US CAPITOL POLICE or your respective UNITED STATE ATTORNEY’s OFFICE. If you do not agree. DO NOT ACCESS THE MEDICAL RECORDS.

If access you will notice that NO CHARGES are present for CPEP and P.I.W., and my admission to Tufts Medical at the outset of the Boston Police 911 Suicide Call has me assigned to a medical / surgical floor, not PSYCH. While Bipolar and ADHD, along with the medical circumstances provided Psychiatric care, I was in fact not involuntarily held nor place in a locked psychiatric facility which would have been the norm for a normal 911 suicide attempt call.



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